Veenu Sandhu


Veenu Sandhu grew up in northern British Columbia in a small town called Dawson Creek, and has now settled in Vancouver. Veenu will tell you that although Dawson Creek in B.C. is nothing like Dawson's Creek the TV show, she has actually worked with Joshua Jackson on Fringe (FOX), and he was just as high-school-dreamy in real life. Veenu first caught the acting bug in grade four when her teacher directed the entire class in "Macbeth for Kids". Rather than suffer stage fright, Veenu was thrilled to play the First Witch, and went "method" by practicing her evil cackle and making all of the props for the witches brew out of papier mâché. Veenu continued to dabble in theatre throughout school, choosing drama as her minor while pursuing her Psychology degree at the University of Alberta. However, she made the bold leap to committing to the arts when she enrolled at Vancouver Film School in 2006. From there, Veenu has not looked back. Her theatrical credits include the female version of the "Odd Couple" (Frolicking Divas), "Eurydice" (Secretly Women), and "The Vagina Monologues" (HIV North). Along with performing in a number of funny commercials, Veenu's on-screen credits include Arrow (CW), Somewhere Between (ABC), and The Whispers (ABC). You might also recognize her as Prisha Dhar in Lost In Space (Netflix). Outside of acting, Veenu enjoys teaching group fitness classes, practicing Moksha hot yoga, playing the home version of Chopped (aka cooking by the seat of her pants), and of course, catching up on all the best Film/TV shows with her best friend and husband Devin Downton.


Movie Name Release Date
Child’s Play June 21, 2019