Hello Folks. Just a post here to let you all know that we are closing for the season. We were trying to stay open till the new Halloween film but unfortunately, business has slowed enough to the point where it is time to close for the season. The TRUNK OR TREAT event on 10/20 is still going on as planned and we strongly encourage anyone going to pre-buy your tickets so we can plan accordingly. Changes that we plan on doing in the off-season include:

1) Excavation in the field for greater drainage so there will be no more water accumulation issues. If any of you regular customers are experts in this area, we are looking for bids on this.

2) A new screen on Theater #2.

3) New bathrooms.

In the future, you can look for big changes to the concession stand and we are in the planning stages to add a third screen. Next year’s film highlights include, the next AVENGERS film, the live-action ALADDIN, TOY STORY 4, the live-action LION KING, a new GODZILLA film, the new SPIDER-MAN film and the FAST & FURIOUS spin off with The Rock & Jason Statham. Till then…